Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Lapse in Judgment" From Reimondo

Matt Reimondo, the East Hampton police chief, has been reprimanded, reportedly due to four offensive chain e-mails forwarded to members of East Hampton's town staff. At least two of the four e-mails were said to contain racist themes. One had a picture of a black rapper, with a caption comparing African-Americans to deer being hunted. Another depicted President Obama as a witch doctor. Reimondo has since apologized in writing for his "lapse in judgement" and has stated that this is an incident which will "not be repeated." When interviewed by the Rivereast, one person expressed interest in finding sensitivity training for Reimondo, and to research East Hampton's tolerance policy for such "lapses in judgement". Another, Susan Weintraub says that some on the council have a "personal vendetta" against Reimondo, and that the controversy over the e-mails is an attempt to make Reimondo look bad, because of an earlier controversy between him and Town Manager O'Keefe. Weintraub commended Reimondo for admitting to his mistake.


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