Sunday, April 3, 2011

Police Violence Towards Yemeni Protesters

According to BBC: Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has announced that, after thirty years in power, he is willing to discuss a "peaceful transition of power". This was after police opened fire on protesters in Taiz, Yemen; killing one, and injuring approximately 100. The man killed was shredding a poster of the president in protest, when he was shot. Tear gas and truncheons were also used on the angry demonstrators. Taiz has been the site of many anti-governmental protests. The opposition coalition has compiled a list of five points for the transition of power. These include Saleh ceding his power to his vice-president, Abdu Rabu Hadi. When Hadi is in power, according to the list, he must extend civil rights, hold those who used violence on protestors accountable, and to revise Yemeni security forces, to make them answer to the government. President Saleh has called on the opposition to stop protests, to make easier the transition of power.

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