Sunday, November 29, 2009

Concert Review: Exit Ghost @ The Willamantic Wrench In The Works

The Wrench In The Works is a left wing anti-establishment music venue who recently changed location to a warehouse just outside of main street Willimantic. The concert itself took place in a small room within the large warehouse on a side stage adjacent to a cafe/library area filled with banned and leftist books and media.
The venue is located in a considerably shady part of town and the room within the warehouse lacked any acoustics or a sound stage of any kind. However the band's sound was quality regardless, which was surprising considering the aforementioned lack of acoustic equipment.

Around twenty to thirty people attended, after a very slow attendance rate caused the show to be pushed from 7 to 7:30. Exit Ghost started their set with a new song entitled "Leaf" followed by another new song called "Orion". They followed up with fan favorites such as "Beast From Air" and finally "Bellamaris".

The band played a very solid set and kept with their reputation of putting on wild and energetic live shows. This will be the groups last concert until this summer due to bassist Nathan Whitehouse studying abroad in England. However their album will still be coming out early next year.

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