Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Justin Bieber Fails to Deliver in Hit Single

A young new talent, Justin Bieber, has been storming the charts recently, attracting a large majority of the female population with hit singles like "Never Let You Go" and "One Time". A newly released single, entitled "Baby" has now caught the attention of girls all across America, particularly, in the pre-teen age group. Upon first listen of the song, I actually had mixed feelings. Though most of my thoughts on this track were mocking and negative at first, I decided it would only be fair to take a second listen so that I could base my opinion off of the actual music and not my own personal bias. I will start by acknowledging one of the positive things about this single. "Baby", as hard as this is for me to admit, has an extremely catchy refrain. I can see why Bieber, although somewhat possessing the voice of a twelve year old adolescent girl, (in my opinion) would attract a female audience. "Baby" also does have a rhythmic beat which I did not think I'd take a liking to. If anything, the background beat was the single aspect that kept me interested through the entire song.

Now, though I am giving Bieber the benefit of the doubt with these two adequate compliments, I must say that overall, I am not a fan of this rising star's musical style. "Baby" is about a typical heartbreak, with Bieber singing about a first love loss. Throughout the song he continues to repeat the line "I thought you'd always be mine" and he seems to portray a confused young teen searching desperately for love. Here is the reality: Justin Bieber is sixteen years old. Even at this age, with Bieber's innocent face and boy-like attire, I highly doubt that this pop star is going to achieve anything serious within the next seven years of his life. I could be wrong, but after taking several listens to "Baby" I achieved the impression that Bieber does not understand the meaning behind an actual relationship. I find it rather ironic in a way that Bieber himself, gives off the appeal of a "baby", in that he is still a child in my eyes. To find him writing about a "baby" in terms of a girl, is somewhat amusing to me with its double meaning. I will give credit to the teen for choosing to write a song that displays some degree of heartache, rather than spitting awful rhymes that disregard females in a degrading manner. Although Bieber is keeping his lyrics in this song PG, they are of no comparison to the heartbreak lyrics that hundreds of other bands write. I do not think the words in "Baby" do any justice to describe a severed relationship.

Justin Bieber may be on the fast ride to fame, however I am skeptical of this young teen's motives. If he continues to write songs that are centered around lost relationships and "only girls", I doubt that his musical career will blossom. I can vaguely see the potential that Bieber possesses, being a youthful, charming lad among the ladies, but to many people, specifically, the older popluation, Bieber's style is generic and transparent. I give this single a 2.5 out of 5 rating.

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