Monday, March 1, 2010

Death at Seaworld

This past Wednesday, February the 24th, a killer whale attacked and subsequently killed its trainer at the Orlando Seaworld. Dawn Brancheau, 40, was apparently grabbed by the ponytail and dragged into the pool where the whale continued to violently thrash the beloved trainer - a staff member known to be one of the most experienced at the park.

Following the attack, the show stopped immediately while shocked and horrified audience members were swiftly and quickly removed from the stadium. Soon after, the entire park was closed to all customers.

Further investigation has deduced that the whale apparently became startled when Ms. Brancheau made a fast and un-choreographed move in front of the whales line of vision. Without hesitation, the reportedly "highly trained whale" leaped at the trainer. Ongoing investigations hope to find more information to not only explain the tragic and horrific death, but also to ensure a similar attack never occurs again within these popular marine theme parks.

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