Thursday, March 4, 2010

Music review: Jaicko-Can I

Jaicko is an 18 year old Barbadian native with a talent for music. His debut album, which is scheduled to come out this summer, is entitled "Can I." The artist claims that his music will revolutionize music. Well he is on the right track. His style is mainstream hip hop but he tries to add an island quality to it. As of right now it would appear that he is going to blend into today's style. He sings a lot about girls and makes very nice ballads but most of it has been heard before and it's starting to get overdone. There are twelve tracks on this album and they are titled:

  1. Oh Yeah

  2. Fast Forward (FFWD)

  3. Two piece

  4. Dreaming About Me

  5. Air

  6. Can I

  7. Caribbean Girl

  8. Not Tryna Fall In Love

  9. Name and Number

  10. Perfect

  11. About You

  12. Will You Be There

Of this list the one song that stood out to me was Caribbean Girl. This song sounded very different to the songs you hear on the radio. If he wants to make an impact on today's mainstream music I think he should stick to the style in this song. This album may not top the charts but he is definitely an artist you should keep your eye on. I give this Album a 3 out of 5.

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