Sunday, March 14, 2010

Music Review: Daughters: Daughters

Daughters are a noise rock/ mathcore band operating out of Providence Rhode Island who have become notorious for their extremely chaotic and often dissonant style. Their newest, self titled, album strays from the path and is a more rhythmic addition to their discography.

The extremely strange time signatures and guitar parts common in their music are still a very large part of Daughters. The album begins with "The Virgin" a song carried by a driving but repetitive guitar part and accentuated with vocalist Alex Marshall's haunting spoken word dialog.

An important change in pace found in this album is the length of the songs. The band began as a Grindcore group - a genre which is known for its extreme intensity and brevity, Daughters however tests the group's ability to play a song for an extended period of time.

Whether or not the group achieves this goal is another story. At many points the songs seem too drawn out and stretched too thin. A song stretched over the course of three minutes may have been better kept at two.

The highlight of album for me was the last two songs on the album which take a very bluesy turn which matches the southern, swooning tone of Marshall's voice without losing their signature edge. Overall the album is haunting, and oftentimes extremely creepy, but tends to get tiring as you listen. 3/5

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