Monday, June 7, 2010

Australian Google = Too much power

Ever wonder if big brother is limiting your internet use too much? Australians seem to be encountering similar fears regarding the limitations of their version of internet supergiant: Google. Australian police have been asked to investigate the massive search engine site due to accusations of breaching "federal telecommunications laws".

More specifically, Australians seem to be upset with version of "Google Maps," a popular google application that involves google employees taking pictures and uploading them to the website.
Google has reported that they will fully cooperate with the investigation.

The accusations and subsequent investigation is making news amidst an ever-growing worldwide awareness for the increasing lack of privacy due to social networking sites and services such as Google Maps. Google Maps is being accused of retrieving personal information of businesses and also are using pictures that jeopardize the privacy of small businesses and individual citizens.

As the internet continues to grow, it is the responsibility its users to monitor their privacy and hold mega-companies such as google accountable for any actions that may violate the rights of its users.

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