Thursday, June 10, 2010

New ideas to help the gulf pour in

As the BP Oil spill worsens, more and more people offer their support with different ideas on how to clean up the oil and prevent any more from gushing out. BP has a crew of 40 people who inspect the more than 80,000 plans. Of this, about 250 have reached the "final assessment stage," as company spokesperson, Mark Proegler, called it. 60% of this plans focus on plugging the leak rather than cleaning up the oil which has already gushed out.

One of these plans to plug the leak comes from Bill Horne. Horne is an 85-year-old engineer, he suggests essentially vacuuming up all the oil. He suggests using a large tube running from the bottom of a fireboat.

Kevin Costner, famed Hollywood actor, proposed his own idea as well. On Wednesday he testified to Capitol hill about how effective his product was. His product, which costed $20 million, involves purifying the water and separating it from the oil.

James Cameron, Hollywood director and deep sea explorer, offered his help as well. BP denied his offer though, resulting in them being called, "Morons" by Cameron.

It is unknown which methods will be pursued, or what effect the pursued plans will have. Hopefully whatever is done, it will save the gulf and its wildlife from much unneeded death.

Source: USA Today

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