Sunday, February 6, 2011

Egyptian Vice President Promises Changes

According to CNN:

Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman, in an attempt to appease protesters in Tahrir Square, has promised that changes will come to the current government. Suleiman met with several representatives of the anti-Mubarak protesters and discussed several possible changes to the country. One particular issue that both sides agreed to is a future end to the military emergency law, which was enacted in 1981 when President Hosni Mubarak took power. Other matters discussed at the meeting included attempts to secure free media in the country, and forming committees to bring about a representative government. However, several protesters in Tahrir Square are not pleased by the meetings, questioning whether those who met with Suleiman were capable to represent a whole revolution. Some people have also implied that the meeting may be a trick to try and disband the protesters while President Mubarak stays in power. Even with the dissenters, U.S. President Obama believes that these talks can aid in a relatively orderly transformation in Egypt to a representative government.

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