Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow, Snow and more Snow

As of right now, Hebron has 28 inches of snow on the ground. This snow is a mix of compact snow from the last big snow storm that happened mid January; and icy and wet snow from today and other melting days. All this snow has been piled up in parking lots and sidewalks to make way for traffic but their is no more room to put it. With the weather patterns we have seen in the past month, it is only fair to say that February will bring just as much snow as January did. This raises the question of where will all the snow go, and what will happen when it all melts in the near future. But for now the snow has caused roofs to collapse, cars to crash and an extra week of make up days in June. So clear your roofs and push back your snow banks because winter 2011 is not over yet.

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