Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chopstick lodged in brain

Young toddler Li Jingchoa was playing with a chopstick when he fell. The chopstick entered though the nose and became lodged 4 millimeter into the young child's brain. In the province of Shandong China, there was little the doctors could do to safely remove the chopstick due to limited technology. The family was forced to drive ten hours to Bejing to receive proper medical attention. When the young boy arrived he had a high fever and an irregular heartbeat due to a infection. The doctors were concerned about pulling out the chopstick because it could have caused internal hemorrhaging in the brain, which could have lead to paralysis, or even death. Fortunatley the procedure went well, "Luckily, the removal resulted in little bleeding and he suffered only an infection," said the hospital spokesman, Mr. Chen. The boy is expected to be realeased from the hospital in about one week.


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