Saturday, January 9, 2010

Insomnium Review

Hailing from Jeonsuu, Finland, four piece melodic doom metal band Insomnium has released their 6th album entitled "Across The Dark." The album bleeds with cryptic precision and provides listeners with a heavy taste of despair and sorrow. Members including Niilo Servanen, Ville Friman, Markus Hirvonen and Ville Vanni have developed a sound that few listeners can appreciate. With its melancholic progressions and solemn invocations, Insomnium is not for the light of heart. Their current album is heavily influenced by the idea of darkness in the naturalistic world and the ill informed wonders before us. Interestingly enough, one of the prominent influences the band has is the poet Edgar Allen Poe, notorious for his brooding, dreary fixations of the world. Insomnium focuses on existentialism and state of being in this album. The album imposes the idea of how nature and human existence are harmonoiusly intertwined with one another.

Every song on this album includes some state of emotion or melancholic nature such as "Where The Last Wave Broke" and "Against The Stream". "Equivalence" is an illusion which entrances the listener allowing curiosity and shallow fear to arise. "Lay of the Autumn" is a prime example of the balance the band has; it experiments with the melodic and simplistic instrumentation while fusing mournful screams of morose and disparity. Other favorite tracks include "Into The Woods" and "Down With The Sun". The album captures an ambient dissonance which is subtly enlightening to listeners. Although the Finnish foursome may come across as just another "doom metal" genre, their sound is echoing, and will become captivating to people from all across the globe.

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