Friday, January 22, 2010

RHAM senior Stephanie Eldridge is a multi talented student with a story that may have several peers saying "Wow". Since the beginning, Eldridge has been involved in track and field for the entirety of her high school career and does not have any plans to discontinue the sport. Her team mates had always given he the nickname "Sergeant" even before her future endeavour was revealed. The leadership qualities and outstanding dedication that Eldridge has expressed towards the track team as well as her academic career will continue to evolve as she takes tackles life's next obstacle: College. The senior has decided to attend West Point University, a historically notorious military academy located in New York, New York. She began to exhibit interest after her two great grandfathers served as generals while enrolled in the Academy. The death of her great grandmother prompted to the family to voyage up to West Point where Stephanie soon realized that the military was the direction she wanted to pursue.

Although alternatives were considered and discussed amongst the Eldridge family, Stephanie had a clear vision of her future and was positive that West Point Academy was her top choice. Over the summer, Eldridge attended the academy to experience and undergo meticulous training as well as experience the life of a military cadet. She also studied the rigorous career in classes at the seminar which only increased her ambition to get accepted. Eldridge was recommended by a state Senator and was accepted this past fall to West Point. Yet reality was present in the minds of her parents. They were, as any parent would be, preoccupied with the thought of their daughter being shipped off to military school. However, despite this underlying apprehension, Eldridge's parents continually reminded themselves that Stephanie had always put her best foot forward (literally) and eagerly accepted challenges she was faced with.

Eldridge has been participating in the RHAM track and field program since middle school. She has shown perserverence, dedication, ultimate skill and devoted many of her hours to the sport. Her team mates believe she is a commited and enthusiastic member of the team all while maintaining a calm and level headed attitude through difficult times. She is the team captain and has competed in countless numbers of meets including her second place win in the 1,600 and 1,000 NWC meet unveiling the talent she possesses. This multi faceted student plays the trumpet, is involved in Spanish club, holds a part time job and is ranked eighth in her senior class. Her interests in many areas have assisted in the process of choosing the ideal college. Eldridge explains that her intended major at West Point is engineering, however, she would be required to serve five years in the military and upon return, serve in the reserves for three years.

The respect and attention that Stephanie has gained throughout her high school career are beneficial to her future and have proven that she is ready to rise to the challenge. She is organized, focused, and determined in many areas of her life and is excited to show the people close to her how dedicated she is to give back to her country. The best of luck goes out to Stephanie.

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