Sunday, May 2, 2010

RHAM Benefit Concert Has Stocked Bill

This Friday May 7'th, RHAM will host its annual benefit show in the auditorium at 7PM. The show, the second of two benefit concerts held each year, has been in existence for more than five years. Early roots of the events trace back to Dave Depriest and his band "The Cutlass Three."

Attendees of the concert are sure to be satisfied as the show contains RHAM's most well known bands. Every genre will be represented whether it be the hardcore style of "Taking What's Ours" to the happy-go-lucky funk of "Hiatus", to the alternative rock of popular headlining band "The Tension."

The concert totes a long list of popular local bands. As of this point in time, the established order of the bands is as follows: Flying Blind, Taking What's Ours, Naked Sunday, Hiatus, and The Tension. The new experimental group entitled "Us Minus Earth" will serve as a jam band for in-between the sets.

Flying Blind, the newest of all the groups playing, is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Any of those planning to arrive late to the show to catch some of the later bands will surely be missing out on a band that will without a doubt be growing in popularity over the next few years of their high school career.

Taking What's Ours, by far RHAM's most hardcore band, has recently released some recordings that have been getting stellar reviews around the board. Even if you may not be into their style, its hard to deny they know what they're doing.

Naked Sunday has been around for a few years now, and they always seem to have a steady fan base. With new drummer Chris Yeterian sitting on the throne, the local Alternative Rock/Funk band will no doubt lay down some fat grooves for lead guitarist Cam D'Auria to paint his magical music skills over.

Hiatus, the group that doesn't necessarily fit in with the rest of the Artists on the bill has also recently released a mini-album entitled "Our Demons And Angels" (recorded here in the school as a matter of fact). The 8-song EP has helped them gain popularity, and this will be one of the bands last shows due to members graduating and heading off in different directions.

The final band, The Tension, is by far the most popular band here at RHAM. After being signed to indie label "Sling Slang Records" the band released a truly remarkable album "The Rest Can Wait." For those of you who have not yet gotten their hands on the amazing 13-track debut, I strongly recommend getting a copy. The Tension never cease to amaze, and will be coming to this show with a few new songs up their sleeves.

The benefit shows are an event that our local music scene looks forward to twice a year. This Friday, make sure to check out your local bands in the Auditorium at 7PM. Tickets for the event will be sold at lunch as well as at the door and all proceeds will go to charity.

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