Friday, May 21, 2010

Senior Outing a Success for Students

Today, RHAM High School students attended their annual Senior outing hosted by the popular recreational facility Holiday Hill, located in Cheshire, Connecticut. Many students were eager for two reasons that go hand in hand: the fact that they would missing school, and the gorgeous weather. While arriving at the park, students took to the grounds surveying the area and seeing which activities they wanted to participate in throughout the day. Activities included a whipped cream pie eating contest, a lip syncing competition, a hypnotist demonstration and a hula hooping/limbo competition. There were a lot of activities that the students had the opportunity to do, however many were just pleased to walk around on a beautiful day. The pool was crowded with people due to the high temperatures, but it was a relaxing environment nonetheless. Some students ventured off to go river boating in the nearby lake while others fancied a game of tennis or volleyball in the shade. Students lined up for rock climbing and had the chance to ride a mechanical shark that showed no mercy to its riders.

Overall, the Senior outing proved to be successful. With the beautiful weather and plenty of activities, the Seniors sure got a dose of what Summer 2010 beholds. I myself played some tennis and even tried my hand at mini golf. There were pony rides and basketball courts, soccer fields and a mess hall loaded with good things to eat. When asking students about what they felt, one replies, "It was fantastic! I loved getting out of school and enjoying the day with my friends!" However, others felt that it could it have been a little bit more entertaining. One says, "I thought this place was kind of lame." Well, in my eyes, I don't think that Holiday Hill had any downsides. Even if it was just a casual stroll down the paths, or a relaxing swim in the pool, or even an intense game of frisbee, (ok,mildly intense), the outing was really fun. I loved being out in the sun and hanging around with all of my friends on a day that could not have been more perfect.

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