Thursday, September 25, 2008

David Blaine's Lastest Trick

This week in New York, magician Davide Blaine tried out his latest trick. He was to stay upside-down for 60 hours. But many people were left unsatisfied with his trick.

David Blaine is normally know for his amazing,life risking tricks.In previous tricks he has been encased with ice for 72 hours, spend a week under water, spend over 40 days in a box, and has even been buried alive.And this latest trick seemed like it was going to be just as big of a stunt as his recent ones. His trick was to spend 60 hours hanging upside-down in New York.He was hanging 6 stories up in the middle of Central Park. This sounded like it was going to be entertaining. There were many medical problems that could happen. The most scary one was that his brain could begin to swell. If this were to happen he could go blind.

But once the stunt was underway the fans became less and less impressed. The whole idea of the stunt was that he would stay upside-down the entire time. But Blaine frequently got up to walk around,get a drink, use the bathroom, and get checked out by doctors. He would stop almost once an hour for sometimes 20 minutes. Fans began to see the trick as pointless.

Now fans are questioning Davide's true talent for his death defining tricks. Many see the trick as a joke, while some fans are still sticking with him. They see that he will do anything for his fans, even if that means staying somewhat safe in the process. But should his recent trick really count as stay upside-down for a straight 60 hours?
Information found on-Yahoo News and ABC News
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Eric said...

This reminds me of modern flagpole sitting, where the contestants would now sit on chair on the poles that are only about 5 feet tall, and come down about every two hours

Anonymous said...

Yeah, no offence, David Blaine's tricks are kinod getting old. The life threatening thing gets a little redundant. He's a good magician but...I think his stunts are getting old.

Anonymous said...