Friday, September 12, 2008

New Floors - UPDATE

Many things are new this fall, new teachers, new students, and new floors. The linoleum sheeting seen last year in the 1st floor areas with lockers have been replaced with new tiling instead. A large problem with the linoleum sheeting was, according to Mr. Leslie, and improper vapor barrier that allowed the floors to decompose, causing bubbles in the sheets. The tiles were set in place to rectify this problem, and seem to be doing the job well. However, some are upset with a few of the small errors made in the installation. For instance, in the hallway leading to the atrium, the tiles placed were unevenly placed, and ended up 3-4 inches too far, and a diagonal piece was added on each side to make the tiles look slightly better, but still look rather gaudy. Even so, the school district was able to save approximately 1.2 million dollars of tax money, as the company that offered to do the tiling paid for it themself, as tiles were much cheaper than the previously used sheeting.

The company who did the tiling did not charge the school district. The funds resulted from a lawsuit filed against the companies that installed the original flooring.

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Ms. B said...

I'm just curious...did the company really save the district $1.2 or were they responsible for paying for the materials and installation of the new floor?