Thursday, September 11, 2008

Girls Cross Country

The season for cross country has just started and the girls team is looking great. The coach for the team is Mr.Logan. So far the top runner is Stephine Eldridge, a junior.And fallowing Stephine is the varsity team that consists of Kirsten Salline, Katie Wulftange, Liz Rey, Cassidy Olio, Lauren White, and Adrienne Matunas. The varsity players have already been improving since last year,by cutting down on their times. So this season looks like it will be a good one. This weekend the girls cross country team will have their first meet. They will be racing at the Windham Invitational.The course is 2.1 miles for the freshman and 3 miles for junior varsity and varsity. If you want to come and see and cheer your team on there will be races from 9:30-3:20, for both the boys and girls cross country team.

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Mariah L. said...

yay for cross country! i applaud their desire to run all the time.