Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas tree surprise

In Anchorage Alaska citizens were more than little surprised to find something living in their Christmas trees. Pacific chorus frogs, indigenous to Washington state, were found living in purchased Christmas trees. While the amphibians may seem harmless, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game warns that the small creatures may be carrying nasty viruses and funguses. If these viruses spread to frog population in Alaska in could cause serious problems. Because of this high risk the Department of Fish and Game is asking the citizens to kill the frogs if they happen to find them. Some suggested methods of disposing of the creatures are: Placing a dab of Origel on the head will knock them out for good, or putting them in a jar and putting them outside (the cold will kill them). While the reaction seems harsh, the Department of Fish and Game finds it critical that the frogs do not escape into the Alaskan habbitat.


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Rob said...

The Fish and Wildlife's advice to put the frogs outside so the cold can kill them raises the question: If the Alaskan environment in January is cold enough to kill the frogs, why are they worried about the frogs escaping into said environment?