Sunday, December 6, 2009

Movie Review: Old Dogs

"Old Dogs" is a Disney comedy about two middle aged men who become the parents of two six year old twins. The film stars Robin Williams and John Travolta as two single business men who throughout the film attempt to find real meaning in their lives through a series of humorous situations.

"Old Dogs" is a film that plays off the conventions of family comedies to the point that it takes away from the film. The film sets itself up to be a classic trial-tribulation-moral lesson story from the start. While it has it's fair share of humorous moments they are more then predictable, being carried by Williams and Travolta's performances.

The funny moments that make up the film rely on set pieces and celebrity appearances, one notable one being from Justin Long. Old Dogs is a very predictable and very average family comedy that in light of other films of a much higher caliber being released at the same time, appears even less appealing.


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Griff said...

Thanks for your review on Old Dogs. Think I'll give it a pass.

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