Thursday, December 23, 2010

Music Review: Alyssa Bernal

Alyssa Bernal got her start singing in internet videos, doing both covers of popular songs and creating ones of her own. After being discovered by Star Trak and Interscope Records, she got a record deal. So how are her songs? Well, they're... okay. They're not bad, as she has a nice voice and kinda catchy rhythm which work well for her. She actually sounds like a typical high school girl, probably someone you know, which is part of her appeal. Her song "Cali, Cali, Cali" describes some California love, and the video goes with the lyrics all right. The problem is it's nothing new. This sort of song about teen love has been done many times before. Also, at some points in the song she sounds bored. Maybe she needs more experience, but she does have quite a few good things going for her, so she's worth checking out.


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